What is a Safelist?

Basically a safelist is a gathering of like minded individuals who have agreed to exchanges ads. You agree to receive ads from all the othersmembers in exchange for the opportunity to send your own. This concept has many advantages, here's a couple of them.

The advantages of safelist marketing

For one it's spam free as people have to double opt-in to the safelist and thereby agreeing to receive your ads, should some nutter decide that the safelist mail is spam anyway it's not really your problem as the mail is not sent from your email address or server. Actually this is the origin of the name, a safelist is a closed community where it is safe for members to exchange ads.

The second advantage is quite obvious but many people fail to see this, what does all safelist members have in common? They have something to sell, but they have not advanced far enough in their internet marketing carreer to dismiss a very mundane task as posting to safelist is. That means that if you have a product, report, ebook, income opportunity etc. that can help people on the way to internet glory, the average safelist user is an excellent prospect for you.

Why I will always use safelists

I could probably make do without safelists but I sure wont. Safelist are a starting point for many newbie marketers and picking those up as subscribers and customers can be very profitable e.g. they do not own every product out there and they do not know everything, meaning that you have plenty of stuff to sell them. You can see this as opposed to getting *Mike Filsaime* on your list, when your initial giggling wears off you will probably realize that Mike owns everything you promote and if he doesn't he will probably create his own version anyway...

Mike Filsaime and safelists

Speaking of *Mike Filsaime* did you know he started his internet marketing career using safelists? I have listened to several conference calls where Mike explains how he built a list of *7000* members using nothing but safelists and that list netted him $7000 a month. In fact Mike and his "intern" Jason Dinner are still regular safelist user although I believe they pay people to do the dirty work nowadays...

...imagine that, paying people to do your safelist posting, I'm pretty sure Jason and Mike don't find safelists useless!

If you have used safelists in your marketing, you probably discovered some of the problems.

1. 90% of all safelists are rubbish
2. You get a ton of emails and nobody reads your ads
3. If they do read your ads, they aren’t buying or joining.

Sound familiar?

Well here is some news for you…

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Traffic Source: Text Ad Exchanges

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Are you constantly tearing your hair out trying to generate a decent flow of quality traffic to your websites?

I know many internet marketers do, and that is one big reason to their struggeling. Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. Without traffic, nobody see your offers and nobody buy your products. Simple as that.

To help out with this, I will in a few coming posts describe and recommend a few basic (and effective) ways of advertising and generating traffic.

I will start this today by showing you what text ad exchanges is and how to use them. A Text Ad Exchange is the new hot free traffic generating system in internet marketing. There are many sites to chose from and new exchanges pops up like never before. When using a text ad exchange you view other peoples ads and websites to earn credits. You then buy advertising for the credits you've earned. There are a few different advertising forms in text ad exchanges. You can buy traffic links (guaranteed hits to your website), text ads and solo ads for example.

In general text ad exchanges is a great way to generate traffic, and something that you really should take advantage of. Below I will present three great text ad exchanges to you that I think you definitively should join.

1. Viralexchange.biz
Maybe the best text ad exchange there is on the net today. Great features, and great reward for viewing ads. Thereby it is easy to earn credits to buy advertsing. For example you can earn enough credits to buy a solo ad in less than a half hour.

2. Solo Ads Only
Another great site. Easy to use and very rewarding to view solo ads you recieve. Highly recommended. Furthermore, you get a pro membership for free, so join today, I don't know how long this will last!

3. New Gen Traffic
Quite like the two text ad exchanges stated above. Takes a little more time to earn credits for advertising, but still great. A must join.

If you have questions, tips about other exchanges, just let me know by leaving a comment!

When you really want something, how do you think about it?

You are really serious about making it happen. To realize it you are ready to fight for it, ready to invest money in it, invest time, give it time.

How do you think about your internet marketing business?
Are you serious about reaching your goals? Are you ready to fight for it? Are you ready to invest your time and money? Are you ready to give it some time?

Your mindset, the way you think about yourself and your business is maybe the biggest factor that will decide how successful you will be. The main reason why people start with internet marketing is that they want to make money. Many do it because they hear people claim that you can make loads of money and very fast. That is true, but it isn't as easy as all the "gurus" often claim it to be. Your mindset has to be a certain way to be succesful. There are a few very important things that only you can decide the way they should be.

1. You have a BUSINESS

A business is something that you look at seriously. This is not a hobby. Have you ever made any money from a hobby? I don't know if your objectives are to earn a few dollars extra each month or if you have the sight on a full time income. Anyway, you have to give your best to reach your goals. When Bill Gates started Microsoft, do you think it was his hobby? I don't know, but I guess he was serious about creating a multi million dollar business. This could be your million dollar business.

2. A business needs INVESTMENT

To grow a business you need to invest some money. Fortunately, internet marketing is a business where you don't need to invest very much money to start seeing results. If you are serious about reaching success you should be ready to invest maybe a few hundred dollars. Don't be scared, you don't need to throw it all out right away! But investing money gives returning money. That is what every business is about.

3. A business needs TIME

You need time to build a profitable business. I guess you have heard about the "gurus" claiming you will be earning thousand within minutes and hours. I will tell you a secret. That is because they already have their systems and list set up and built. You will start from the ground. Firstly you need to learn how to do, then you need to get everything going. I promise, this will take some time, but don't despair. Reward will come for those who are persistent.
You also need to invest your time. Maybe you are not able to work with your business 8 hours a day because you have another job, but you need to take time. Schedule one hour every night, 30 minutes or whatever time you are able to give. The more time you give, the faster you will succeed.

If you are ready to devote yourself to your business I am sure you will succeed. There are great resources out on the net, so learning is not a big issue. Your mindset is the biggest factor for your success. So it is all up to you what you want from you internet business.

Do you know that 51% of all internet marketer doesn't make a single buck? And that 95% makes less than $500/month?

The reasons to that could be many and discussed in eternity, but one thing that sure is one of the biggest reasons is that most of the marketers never build their own websites. Most people think you need to know advanced html and programming to manage a website. Most of us don't have these talents. So learning would take years, and we want our business to accelerate now! Hire professionals for making websites cost thousands of dollars, and you rarely don't have these funds when you start your business. Therefore, we keep on trying to promote our products in every single way, but avoiding this crucial part.

As I said, sadly this is one of the biggest pitfalls. These are some of the reasons why you can not be successful without making your own websites.

- You need a website to capture your leads
In 99,99% of all cases people don't buy a product the first time they see it. Think about it yourself, when you find something interesting, you rarely buy it right away. You think about it, maybe look at it again to convice yourself that it is a good deal and so on. After this, you buy the product. Think about this, you are in a store to buy a cola soft drink. The store has "Coca Cola" and a brand called "Cola Hola" that you've never heard of. The price is slightly lower on the unknown brand. Which one du you buy? Coca Cola of course! Why? Because you've seen it before, and you know about it.

It is the same with your leads. The first time they see the product you're promoting 99,99 % will not buy it. But iof they are a little bit interested and curious they may leave their name and email adress if you give them the opportunity. Then you have the possibility to remind them about it, tell them more and in the end, hopefully, they feel confident that it is "the real deal". Without a website, you don't get all these people that possibly would by your product at a later stage.

- You need a website to catch the curiosity of your visitor
Have you ever heard about landing pages? It is a page where visitors are directed after clickinga result in a web search, a banner or an ad. Why do you need this? Well you could do like most of the marketers out there, send the visitor to a sales letter that takes 20 minutes to read and where you probably haven't seen the point after 15... Maybe you will make some sales this way, but if you want something more from your business you need to wake the curiosity and interest of the visitor. A landing page is where you show something that will increase the interest and to motivate the vistitor to click again, to reach the sales page. After this, the visitor is more likely to read the sales letter without falling asleep.

- You need a website to brand yourself and sell your own products
If you want to take the step from earning a good affiliate income to becoming rich from internet marketing you need two things. You need to start to sell your own product, and you need people looking up to you as the expert. This is not easy, but it is achievable. First of all you need to gain knowledge so you can distribute quality content to your followers. If you just give them mainstream crap advice, no one will trust you. Secondly you need to contribute with unique content so people will lift their eyebrows when they see what you have to say. You need somewhere to distribute your knowledge and advices. Yes, you guessed right, you need a homepage to publish on. With a homepage you can also have different kinds of links to other peoples products and earn money when people click your link and purchase products.

The second step is creating and selling your own products. To be able to sell these you need a homepage. It is simple as that.

Now I hope you understand why you need to be able to build homepages to become a successful internet marketer. But still, you may think that it will take years to learn how or lots of money to pay others to do it for you.

I have good news for you. Listen, I had no, zero, nada knowledge about this when I started my business. But there is a top notch software that I use. It is a website builder that easily allows you to build your websites. It even comes with step by step user instructions, so you can not fail.

The best part is, I'm not trying to sell this to you. This software is free to download, so if you are serious about being successful you better get your copy now before they start charging for it!

Get your free website builder by clicking here!

How do I get started with affiliate marketing?

Recently I introduced the 3HourProfits system to you. It is a great informational product with lots of knowledge to get started with affiliate marketing. I recommend that you all get a copy of it if you are interested in making it into the affiliate business.

Anyway, today I am going to provide you with some great e-books, and the best thing, I'm giving it to you free! The e-books got excellent content with useful advice on how to do affiliate marketing in a effective and cheap way. These are the titles of the books:

- The Affiliate Marketers Handbook
Your A-Z guide to becoming a super affiliate. Teaches you what every succesful affiliate marketer need to know as what affiliate programs to choose, how to boost your commissions, pitfalls to avoid.

- Big Affiliate Marketing Paydays
Learn how to make a name of yourself (& earn big money!)

- Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets
Gain the edge you need to become a super affiliate!

When you have dowloaded these e-books and read them, I promise you have a bigger understanding of affiliate marketing, and will be able and ready to take your own business to a new level.

So be sure to get this today by visiting this site!

If you got further questions, don't doubt to leave a comment or send me an email!

What is PTC & PTR?

PTC stands for paid to click, and PTR stands for paid to read and this is exacly what you are doing to earn money this way. This is an easy way to make a small extra income, but take notice, small...

To earn with PTC & PTR you just join some programs that offer these services. After joining, you will recieve e-mails with links to advertisers homepages. If you read the e-mails and click the links, you will get paid by the advertisers, normally around $0.01 for each email/click. As you see you need to recieve a whole lot of mails to make a reasonable income.

Anyway, this is the easiest way to make money on the internet, and if you just are looking for a couple of dollars each month this is definitely the way to make them for you. But if you are interested in quiting your job to make a living on your business in the internet, I recommend you to pay more attention to the posts I make about other income opportunities.

Here is some good sites for PTC and PTR if you are interested in joining them.

There are hundreds of sites on the net with this opportunity. If you want to find more, just do a search on google and there will be several more.